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Domestic paper machinery industry is China's support force

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As an inventor of papermaking, China has always been excellent in the technology of papermaking.
As an inventor of papermaking, China has always been excellent in the technology of papermaking. Today's China is a big papermaking country, and the total output of paper has jumped to the top in the world, but the large output has also brought Huge consumption,  China is also a big consumer.  In recent years,  as the domestic papermaking capacity  continues to increase , the contradiction between supply and demand of paper and paperboard has gradually eased. At present , the overall supply and demand  of  the domestic paper industry is basically balanced.  According to  Wind information data, the national machinery and paperboard production in  2012 totaled 11.7353 million tons , an increase of 4.7%.
At present, domestic papermaking machinery  and equipment are  still the supporting  force  of China's  paper industry , and the technical level  and  processing  power  have been greatly improved. At the same time, there is still a big gap between the  stand-alone capacity, energy consumption and reliability compared with the international advanced level.
In the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan for Paper Industry Development", it is proposed that in 2015 , the national  paper and paperboard consumption is expected to be 114.7 million tons, an average annual increase of 4.6% over 2010 ;the total  production capacity  of paper and paperboard is about 130 million tons , and the total  output It reached 116 million tons,  with an average annual growth rate of 4.6%.  It is necessary to strengthen the capacity building of independent  innovation, and build more than 10 state-level  enterprise  technology centers by 2015 ; improve the overall research and development level of papermaking industry production technology and equipment,  and increase the proportion of pulp and paper equipment autonomy from 30% to 50% by 2015 .  The main pulp and papermaking  technology and equipment of key backbone papermaking enterprises have reached the international advanced level , and some of  the independently  developed  pulp and paper equipments are close to the  international advanced level.
Overall analysis,  papermaking  equipment  industry as a supporting industry of the paper industry , its development trend is closely related to the development of the  paper industry ,  the future development direction of paper machinery will be toward large-scale,  high-speed,  automation .  In addition , the export of complete sets of equipment is also  one  of the development directions of China's paper machinery, especially the export prospects of third world countries are more optimistic.
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