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Where is the chain conveyor?

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More and more customers recognize the chain conveyor, which leads to the market approaching saturation
More  and  more customers recognize the chain conveyor, which leads to the market approaching saturation, and the competition is becoming more and more serious . Where should the chain conveyors go in the future? ?
1. More and more customers recognize the  chain conveyor, which leads to the market approaching saturation. The competition is becoming increasingly serious. Where should the  chain conveyors go in the future?  New technologies and new technologies must be promoted. The production process technology  should be advanced, and the key to the product structure and quality in the production process is the advancement of process technology .  The automation and mechanical level of production equipment should continue to improve.
2. Promote scientific research and development and technological innovation  . Aiming at the international advanced technology level, developing innovative new technologies and new products, the belt conveyor  belt cover layer should  be  developed with high temperature resistance and high wear resistance . The  development  of  various patterns covering the belt  type will  improve the adhesion strength between the cover layer and the skeleton layer .  Research to improve  the service life of chain conveyor belts, etc. 
3. Vigorously develop and apply related raw materials . Increase the relevant raw materials to meet the development requirements of new products, new technologies and new processes for light chain  conveyor belts.
4. Accelerate the development of national brand products ,  and actively  explore the challenges  of the international and domestic markets in the face of the  international market . Yongzheng Chain Conveyor Belt Company recommends : Our domestic key chain conveyor companies should unite and give full play to  the leading enterprises in  national brands. Advantages , drive the technological advancement of other domestic enterprise chain conveyors , and  jointly  improve  the competitiveness of products in the international market. The general trend of the development of chain conveyors in the world today is: development towards  multiple  varieties,  high performance , light weight , multi-function , energy saving , safety , environmental protection and long  life.
Shandong Jintuoheng Machinery Co .,  Ltd. specializes in producing chain conveyors, papermaking  machinery , mining chain conveyors,  mining belt conveyors , conveying  , beating  , screening  and  concentrating equipment .  The processing machinery and equipment are excellent , the testing methods are complete and complete , and the technical  force  is  strong .  The  products  are  sold at home and abroad, and have won praises from new and old customers.